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Top 10 SMM trends for artists in 2018

2016-06-10 11:57:48 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The top Social Media Platforms in 2016 There are newest trends been followed in social netwo...


Art Work And Statements That Led To Controversy

2016-06-22 12:40:26 I Think i Feel 0 comments
How world famous artists have bore the brunt of mob fury. Art Work and Intolerance "A work of ar...


Art Integration and Child Education

2016-06-24 11:14:21 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Make learning easier for children by integrating arts Arts and children make an amazing combina...


Healing Souls with Old School Music

2016-06-27 12:11:00 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Listen to soothing music for better peace of mind Buy Best Music Collections That Heals the Soul...


Redefining The World Of Statues And Sculptures

2016-06-20 05:40:40 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Amazing world of Statues and Sculptures Well, the greatest form of fine art, humankind could ha...


All About Music and Its Types

2016-06-15 09:18:46 I Think i Feel 0 comments
How did music come into existence? Fun Facts! Music is conjectured to have originated 55,000 ...


Art Work And Marketing Mistakes

2016-06-21 09:24:57 I Think i Feel 0 comments
It is a known fact that most artists struggle to get their work sold. Be it musicians, authors,...


Women Artists Who Glorified Fine Arts!

2016-06-17 07:19:08 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The women who redefined the concept of feminine art The History of Women and Fine Art It has be...


Book Trailers Fiction Books Come Alive

2016-06-16 05:13:54 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Sell Books Using Book Trailers Gone are those days when you would browse through newspapers and...


Exciting underwater statues and sculptures around the world

2016-06-18 12:18:39 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Underwater sculptures that will take your breath away The amazing underwater sculptures! Everyo...


Digital Books versus Physical Books

2016-06-16 07:02:25 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The Way You Read Fiction Books! Digital books versus physical books is a much debated question....


Strange Museum Of Contemporary Art

2016-06-18 11:23:20 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The Strange World Of Abstract Art In Museums. Gone are the days when people collected only pain...


Why Every Fabric Shop is Influenced by Hollywood

2016-06-20 12:03:27 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Fashion And Hollyood Come a Long Way! When we delve into the history of Hollywood fashion, we...


Boost Style Statement with Fine Jewelry and Fabrics

2016-06-17 05:40:45 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Why Are People Crazy About Style Statement Everybody has a different fashion statement. What ...


Popular Czech Republic Artists You Would Love

2016-07-06 12:20:03 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Most Famous Artists That Emerged From Czechoslovakia Popular Czech Art and Artists The Czech Re...


Extinct Musical Instruments That have Slowly Become Unheard Of

2016-06-10 12:09:48 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Musical Instruments That Disappeared Over Time Over the years, Music has always been a medicine...


Iconic Characters Created By The Music World

2016-06-10 12:10:32 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Characters That We Have Heard About But Never Seen When it comes to iconic classic songs, Holly...


Design Your Bookstore And Sell Books Successfully!

2016-06-16 06:22:07 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Sell Books in an Appealing Ambience If you ever step into a bookstore, you will either be extre...


Understanding Abstract Art and Abstract Expressions

2016-06-20 10:24:29 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The Perspective of an Abstract Art The word ‘abstract’ in its pure sense means to separate some...


Famous Art Works and Hidden Mystery

2016-07-05 12:47:28 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The World Has Art Hidden In Every Nook And Corner Did you know that the Mona Lisa has a plethor...


Fiction and Nonfiction Books Reveal Personalities!

2016-06-17 10:51:23 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Personality Test by Fiction and Nonfiction Books If there is one thing that a book lover will t...


The Most Mind Boggling Things that are on Auction

2016-06-10 12:06:10 I Think i Feel 0 comments
Find out the weirdest items ever put up for auction. An auction house is the way to go if you a...


The Instinct Of Protecting Artwork Online

2016-06-24 12:54:57 I Think i Feel 0 comments
The unsung heroes of the art world A disaster that helped an art for sale The deadliest marine ...


Most famous artists and their struggles

2016-07-04 07:17:53 I Think i Feel 12 comments
How artists learnt from rejection. Most Famous Artists and Their Journey Through Struggles Artis...


Popular Art versus Immortal Art

2016-06-13 11:52:03 I Think i Feel 7 comments
There is a small line of difference between popularity and immortality The Quest Of The Most Po...


The Artist Mythbusters

2016-07-04 05:31:45 I Think i Feel 8 comments
Our mental image of an artist is so conventional that we refuse to accept the reality that thes...


Is Creative thinking God Gifted Or Acquired

2016-07-04 13:11:53 I Think i Feel 8 comments
Many people think that it is God-gifted and many feel that it is can possibly be acquired by so...


The Most Eccentric Artists

2016-07-06 10:46:02 I Think i Feel 11 comments
Most Famous Painters & Artists Who Were Eccentric Over the years, art-lovers have been acquaint...


Importance Of Art Work

2016-07-05 05:18:06 I Think i Feel 7 comments
The Importance Of Art Work On May 11 2015, news filtered in that a Pablo Picasso painting was ...


Fabric Art Like Never Before

2016-06-18 10:20:50 I Think i Feel 9 comments
The World Of Fabric Art When talking about art, probably the first image in our mind is that of...


Censorship A Threat to Creativity

2016-06-10 12:16:07 I Think i Feel 5 comments
Is it justified to censor art for the protection of people? Whether it may be a beep on a telev...


The Art of Soul Searching

2016-06-13 05:58:02 I Think i Feel 10 comments
How does one draw the line between inspiration and stolen artwork? "Good artists copy, great art...


Art Reproductions and Plagiarism

2016-07-05 12:20:45 I Think i Feel 9 comments
How does one draw the line between inspiration and stolen artwork? Art Reproductions and Origin...

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