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Unlock you artistic potential with our Comprehensive Promotional strategy for you.

Join the best e-commerce platform for artists to sell their artwork at the press of a button. ShowFlipper is dedicated to providing artists, designers, writers, poets, and musicians with a virtual platform to showcase their artistic creations and sell their work, online. Our mission is to promote art, on a global scale.

ShowFlipper offers the largest selection and widest range of original art to buyers from around the world. We offer our online customers the opportunity to browse thousands of unique art pieces, from paintings to Fabrics, affordable Jewelry creations and works of fiction, poetry and music. Art enthusiasts are also kept updated on the latest art news from around the world. We have a huge number of artists from 50 countries listed on our website with a diverse collection of artworks. We have authors of every genre, painters with a variety of inclinations from oil-painting to acrylics to innovative ferro-prints. We also have sculptors, fabric weavers & knitters & digital artists. The artwork value also ranges from $ 100 to $1 Million. And we have a competent sales & marketing team in place for all of our artists. They enable us to promote these on all outlets of Social Media & to participate in all aspects of the sales process.

And that is not all, on our blog you have a cornucopia of usable information for Artists from 'How To' articles to never-seen-before tips on navigating the art world. Check it out here: http://blog.showflipper.com/

All in all our artists benefit from these amazing services:

  • Social Media Promotion across all platforms by a dedicated Social Media Management team.
  • Blog Writing & Promotion by our experienced bloggers & writers.
  • Promotional & logistic support
  • 360° PR
  • Global Exposure
  • Community Forum for you to exchange ideas with other artists.
  • Customized Content for your unique artwork.
  • Regular Artist competitions
  • Creation Up-selling

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