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Aesthetics define sublime as the quality of greatness.An art work is called sublime when it reaches that level of grandeur and greatness. The sublime art should be an experience of an enigma which overwhelms you with the idea of the photo art

Sublime artwork is however is a great a contribution of the philosophers in the art market. Artists try to derive immense inspiration from the concept of sublimation and how profound it can be. The quality of fine art and contemporary art, oil paintings depicts gives an aura to the art work!

Art is an inspiration for many, but sometimes it is also the other way around! There are artists who get inspired from some experiences that shake their lives to the core! One such great experience is shared by Roni Bolivar Gonzalez in his blog about Abstract Art Inspired by Near Death Experience!

Hara Hiroshi is the brain behind famous Japanese buildings, the concrete sculptures such as Kyoto Train Station, Sapporo Dome and the Umeda Sky Building.

Hiroshi had a doctorate in engineering and has several important buildings in Japan to his credit.

The most famous of the buildings are the Kyoto Station, the Yamato International building in Tokyo, Hokkaido’s Sopporo Dome, Umeda Sky Building in Osaka and many other important structures. Hiroshi Hara is famous not only for his architecture, but for his essays on architecture like the ‘Discrete City’.

The work of Hara Hiroshi has inspired several and Lulu Hancock is one of them. She has paid tribute to the master by portraying some of his greatest creations. Likewise, grab this never before opportunity to sell your art online! Here is an amazing read to sell art online!

Some Of The Famous Works Of Hara Hiroshi.

  • 1. The Kyoto Railway Station Kyoto Railway station, contemporary art made on canvas
    • The Kyoto Railway station is a major transportation hub and important railway station in Kyoto, Japan. It is famous because it has Japan’s one of the largest buildings and is the country’s second largest station building.

    • The magnificent building houses within itself, shopping malls, hotels, departmental stores, movie theatres, several government offices and facilities under a fifteen storey structure.

    • Kyoto was considered to be one of the least modern cities of Japan. Such an ambitious and huge structure such as this station brought in a new wave of high rise structure to his city.

  • 2. The Umeda Sky Building
    • Umeda Sky Building is one of the famous landmarks of the city of Osaka. It comprises of two 40 story structures. These structures are connected at the top with bridges.

    • The wide atrium like space in the center also has an escalator crossing across it. It was a huge project and is considered to be an art in itself.

    • The Umeda Sky building has a roof top observatory, called The floating Observatory. It also houses an underground market.

    • The base of the building has been decorated with garden and walking trails.

  • 3. The Sapporo Dome
    • The Sopporo Dome is a stadium for association football and baseball and is situated in Sapporo, Japan.This stadium has already been planned as a venue for 2020 Summer Olympics, 2017 Asian Winter Games opening and closing ceremonies, and 2019 Rugby World Cup.

    • What is so interesting about this structure is that it can switch between two entirely different surfaces. Football games are played on grass, and these fields can slide in and out as required.

    • The Baseball is played on an artificially created turf field. Due to the retraction of seats during the switch over of the fields, the stadium capacity is around 40,000 approximately for baseball games.

Painter Lulu Hoar, was absolutely captivated by the overwhelming structure of the Kyoto Station. What she found enigmatic was the idea, the thought that led Hiroshi Hara design this mammoth structure. Being a painter herself, she wanted to capture the Kyoto Station structure in her paintings.

She found it captivating and invigorating. She has made a charcoal painting in an abstract form of the Kyoto station. She titles this as Homage to Hiroshi Hara. This painting is 4.5 feet tall. Along with her minor works, this Homage painting has been installed in the United Kingdom.

Smaller architectural pieces are placed as three dimensional pieces of the Kyoto Station. She has used, Ink, Graphite and charcoal to draw the station. So the entire piece consists of both paintings and 3-D structures which give a very contemporary funky look to the drawing.

If you too have some good art works like these to sell, and find it difficult to network your art, here is something that might fancy you!

Some of the drawings and landscape paintings often have been applauded for their eccentric and sublime subjects that inspire millions. One such exceptional blog, Spiritual Healing that Leads to Inspirational Paintings is one such example!

The fantastic journey through fine arts

An Artist's Journey On SF Studio

Lulu has her own show on ShowFlipper with the tagline 'Lulu Hancock'. Her show has a collection of various abstract eclectic landscapes that gives us a glimpse of her amazing work. She has various onsite creations of various architectural structures, locations, and landscapes that are mostly blended into colourful and abstract images.

She has been working on a painting of a new high-speed railway line (known as the LGV Sud-Ouest) that is being constructed between Bordeaux and Paris. Her completed creation is being awaited and will be put up on the SF Studio. She was an illustrator for six years and it shows on her pictorial artworks.

Her architectural depictions are almost photographic and she works amazingly well with the colors in her canvas. She is skilled in the disciplines of graphite art, graphite paintings , landscape paintings, watercolor paintings , watercolor art and charcoal art. She is also a teacher and wants to pass on her knowledge and passionate towards art to her students.

Art Websites

There are many websites for adults that offer an opportunity to get your art available to the prospect customers! Some of them, like is one such popular site, that hosts a great potential!

ShowFlipper has been active in the field of art and has given a deserving platform to many ShowTainers, the artists who weave magic in the hearts of their fans! You can also grab the never before opportunity to buy fine jewelry, contemporary art, abstract art and digital art works at an amazingly low price!

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Beatutiful Landscape Paintings Captured On Canvas Aesthetics define sublime as the quality of greatness.An art work is called sublime when it reaches that level of grandeur and greatness. The sub...


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2016-04-06 12:47:01
architectural paintings..very nice and unique art form


2016-04-06 12:47:27
Homage paintings are awesome there is a deep sense of respect in every brushstrokes...


2016-04-06 12:47:54
 love charcoal paintings. i also sketch sometimes.. making symmetric and straight lines is task for me. i wonder how manages to give processional finish to each painting... 


2016-04-06 12:48:21
Lulu paints mostly architectural buildings and monuments.. i love the niche that she has picked out for herself.. its different. i wonder how she acquired interest in this particular niche.


2016-04-06 12:48:45
good work


2016-04-06 12:51:12
Homage to Hara Hiroshi is a unique form of tribute that any artist can give. Kyoto train station is beautifully designed.. I love the sketch. 


2016-04-06 12:51:47
Hara Hiroshi is a very known architect. Kyoto train station is designed by him. It is huge and has very aesthetic taste. Even Saporro dome is very beautiful. I love it. She has paid her tribute in the form of a painting.


2016-04-06 12:52:10
Beautufl art pieces. I love them.


2016-04-06 12:52:41
Very nice sketches. More on the way?


2016-04-06 12:53:06
How is  all the sketching and painting going on?


2016-04-06 12:53:44
Such a beautiful tribute given by an artist to another artist. I love it


2016-04-06 12:56:42
Love the idea it is simply great.


2016-04-06 12:57:09
Very beautiful pieces of artwork I love theses geometric designs...her landscapes also look amazing.


2016-04-06 12:57:35
She has paid a tribute to her favourite architect through her paintings. I love that creativity that she has shown.


2016-04-06 12:57:59
Very beautiful pieces. I love the amazing works of art she makes.


2016-04-06 12:58:22
Lulu – How do make your landscape paintings? Acrylic or oil paint?


2016-04-06 12:58:48
Awesome creations in her page. I loved it.


2016-04-06 12:59:14
The architectural depictions are very geometric & looks amazing. Good colors in canvas.


2016-04-06 13:00:34
very moving story.


2016-04-06 13:00:59
Thank you all for your very constructive comments. More will be on the way. I have more works to upload onto showflipper soon. Please keep looking and keep the comments coming. 
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