Redefine Gardens With Statues and Sculptures

Select crafty statues and sculptures for your garden

Carved Wood and Roman Sculptures: The Journey of Statues

The way we live today, a garden or a patio might sound like a luxury. Nature is where you can find comfort and peace. However, if you’re fortunate enough to really have so sought after garden space, do beautify it.

Garden ornaments can actually compliment the beautiful flowers and fancy little trees and plants you grow so carefully in your lawn. Garden Sculptures are not ancient. They are very much a part of modern art and modern sculpting.

From abstract sculptures, bronze statuettes, roman sculptures and wood sculptures to stone sculptures, anything can facelift your garden. Garden sculptures can very pleasingly decorate your extended balconies and roof top garden too.

Here is an exciting blog that reveals the type of sculptures!

What are the advantages of gardening?

  • Wake up to blooming and sweet smelling flowers every morning!

  • Ambience that excites children to senior citizens!

  • Gardening is good for mind, body and soul.

  • Gardening is a pleasant way of giving back to nature!

You can come across several books and good reads that describe the way you should take care of your garden

Why use ornamentation for your garden?

  • Just like you meticulously pay attention to your accessories while constructing a red carpet look for your wardrobe, garden ornaments give your garden a structure and your home, a wholesome feeling.

  • Garden ornaments like bird feeders help in promoting the biodiversity in your garden and nurturing various unique habitats, many of which might not even been included in the canon of the species by the environmentalists.

  • If you are someone who cherishes nature photography, the garden ornaments would provide you with the framework in which to photograph the diverse species that have made your garden their favourite haunt. Who knows? You might even be catapulted to instant fame by your candid shots!

  • A good read about landscape gardening is a useful resource to understand the importance and necessity of using ornamentation in garden

Great Tips for Decorating Garden With Art Sculptures

Here are some tips before you decide to install garden ornamentation:

  • Placement of ornamentation is crucial while installation. The garden ornaments should be placed in a manner so as to attract the attention of a guest or a passer-by.

  • Don't follow the gardening trends mentioned in the magazines blindly. If an ornament doesn't correspond with your individuality, it'll be better not to install it.

  • Simplicity is the keyword. If you have a small garden, it is preferable that you don't clutter it with excessive ornaments which will only make it look gaudy and artificial.

An amazing article that takes you on a journey of sculptures that redefined the art world!

Here's the name of certain gardening ornaments which you can use while setting up your garden -

  • Statues and sculptures, including gnomes and lawn jockeys

  • Wall art

  • Sundials

  • Bird feeders and baths

  • Fountains, reflecting pools and waterfalls

  • Garden furniture

  • Garden lighting

Statues and Sculptures-

Statues, like Roman Sculptures and Greek Statues have been used for decorative purposes in gardens for millenniums. The stature of the statues has developed from the ancient period, reaching its peak during the Renaissance to the modern art and contemporary wall sculptures, roman sculptures, wood sculpture, wood carvings and stone sculptures of the twentieth century.

Different materials that make garden sculptures more appealing:

  • Stone-Sandstone, York stone and granite can be used as they lend a color of clay, dark honey and a crystalline texture to the sculptures.

  • Concrete- If you are a traditionalist and want the same appearance as that of stone for your statues without excessive cost, concrete statues should be your go-to option.

  • Iron- Statues made of wrought iron can be painted to lend a glossy look or can be left to rust to create an antique look in your garden.

  • Bronze- The Egyptians employed bronze extensively to cast statues in the human form so who are we to doubt the mighty?

  • Copper- Copper lends the statues with a unique color and will immediately set your garden apart from the rest of the populace.

  • Ceramic- The blending of the rich colors in ceramic makes it a favorite of the modern artists for creating various garden ornaments

  • Glass- Those among you who love things that are light, bright and sparkling; glass sculptures would suit your garden just fine.

  • Wood Carving- Wood carving create a sheer delight to the eyes of the viewer. They are natural and pleasant! Often used in homes, but develop a wonderful look to the garden.

Outdoor wood carving as wall art

Tips for buying garden sculptures online or at a sale:

  • Size and material is crucial - While you buy garden statues online, check for the dimensions. If your garden is filled primarily with dainty flowers rather than gigantic trees, it'll be more suitable if you buy miniature sculptures and statues which would brilliantly complement the whole look of your garden.

  • Garden comes first - If you are someone with a bright personality and like a colorful garden, you must buy statues made of bronze or iron, while if you are someone who likes subdued textures and colors, go for the intricately carved stone sculptures and statues. You can also opt for art sculptures or abstract sculptures.

  • Customer reviews are your best friend - Sculptures are no doubt a long-term investment and you should meticulously go through the customer reviews if you don't want to end up with a crumbling mess after receiving the package that you ordered.

  • Wall art - Outdoor metal wall art Outdoor metal wall art has become the IT trend in gardening ornamentation in the recent years. Gardening should not only be limited to the ground and should also extend your self-expression to also the walls of your home. A variety of shapes, sizes and colours of metal wall art are available in the market nowadays. You could also bring alive your playful side by hanging bulbs along the wall and painting colourful birds around it or hanging a discarded guitar on a wall and planting a flower bed in its hole.

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