Spiritual Healing Leads to Inspirational Art Work

Contemporary art form portrayed by an artist

A Greived Soul And Fine Art

Art is a medium that allows people to express emotion. An artist can portray their dismay or disappointment. This helps them gain closure when certain things don't go their way. Not many people know that painting is a kind of spiritual healing that many artists resort to.

They use a blank canvas and a brush to express their emotions, that gives rise to abstract art and fine art that helps to heal their souls. Most of us mourn our losses with tears, but an artist uses colors to vent out deep emotions. Oil paintings, a very common yet powerful art work breaks the jinx of destruction caused to the soul.

Painting to heal your soul is not uncommon. An entire field of psychology deals with counselling through art. It is known as art therapy.

Art therapy gives the artist, “Inspiration”

Inspirational mixed media artist, Judith Iris Quate, lost her son to a lifelong ailment of cerebral palsy; she turned towards painting to heal her bruised soul. She had initially resorted to painting as a healing process.

Using the canvas as a therapist, she vented out all the love and affection into it. Her paintings have strong usages of red to signify the strength of her love. She blended these colors with images of her son along with a lingering thought or a quote.

Each time she put up a new painting, we would be amazed at the depth of emotion it portrayed. You can shop for the paintings of Judith, at www.showflipper.com

Judith finds solace in her fine art work

Inspirational Art Creations

"I believe that mourning is something we all do differently" she wants to send out a message through art; she says, "It is not just about the art, it is about what the art says". Her show named 'Inspiring Creations' on ShowFlipper is dedicated to her son with the tagline, "In the memory of my son Jason who inspires me every day".

She continues to paint from her heart, which sets an inspirational creation apart from other paintings that you see at the galleries. She also makes handmade bags and greeting cards that have the similar touch of love and emotions. We have never seen Judith create an artwork that is conventional.

Her shows are splashed with the colors, an oil painting with a difference, along with inspirational quotes and messages that are a rare combination. Her works are a form of inspirational art that can appeal to mothers all over the world.

The importance of Karma

In 1976, Dr King published his groundbreaking book, You too can heal. This led to a lot of controversies, especially in the circle of spiritual healers, who perceived spiritual healing as the gift of few. Dr King believed that some may not be very receptive of the healing. As Dr George King said, Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by Man for GOD.

The contemporary art form has too been used extensively that decodes the values of Karma. Karma, has been an will be in the nature till apocalypse!

Spirituality and Art

In the field of psychotherapy or spiritual healing, we encounter art therapy. You paint to heal your soul. You use your creative process of making art to express yourself. Inspirational art work or happy art is a way to stay inspired, happy and beautiful.

Inspirational art motivates, instigates and encourages creativity in you. Beautiful paintings or art can actually inspire you to stay positive and creative.

Art therapy attempts to use humanism to reconcile the emotional human conflicts. It focuses on the creative and contemporary art making process itself. The creative process involved when one is actually trying to express herself creatively can reduce stress and improve self confidence.

Visit this good read that attempts to cure the soul with art therapy!

This provides individuals with a deeper understanding of life and even oneself. Art therapy can be involved in art through acrylic painting or art photography. Whatever it is you do not have to be an expert in the art. To define the colors of life, go ahead and pick up that color.

Art Therapy

Express yourself in postcards you create yourself. Design your own thank you cards and send them to friends. You can also Google some African artand try your hands on it.

Music is said to stir your soul. So, listen to music and close your eyes to view what this music is inspiring in you. Read it, explore yourself.

The underlying statement is, never get stuck at one place. You can be unhappy today, but it is not worth to be unhappy throughout your life. Do some art, express yourself and be happy and beautiful.

One of Judiths Fine Art Creation

ShowFlipper for Art!

Judith's characteristic feature is disability awareness and she strives to spread that with her shows. Having witnessed the kind of treatment that physically disabled children have to undergo, she writes special messages and quotes on her paintings saying that every child is beautiful, unique and different. Her creations also send out the messages of acceptance towards children who are special. Each of her artistic depiction echoes that 'Every child is special.

ShowFlipper has been a great resource for everyone who is involved with art and related subjects! It is a horizon for fine arts, abstract arts, paintings, poems, statues & sculptures and so on! You can feast on the art works of the ShowTainers who are talent heads in their respective fields!

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A Greived Soul And Fine Art Art is a medium that allows people to express emotion. An artist can portray their dismay or disappointment. This helps them gain closure when certain things don't go ...


Judith believes that every child is special.




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Comment(s) for Spiritual-Healing-Leads-to-Inspirational-Art-Work


2016-04-06 11:39:30
I just visited her profile.. i loved it! never seen such an art work that is a combination of creativity and emotions.. keep it up.. hats off to your spirit


2016-04-06 11:40:06
Your message is loud and clear.. only a mother is capable of achieving such miracles in life.. i love her spirit.


2016-04-06 11:40:46
theres is so much sadness ..yet there is astounding braver projected by her works.. i cant even begin to imagine how great her loss was.. and how triumphant she has emerged...


2016-04-06 11:41:27
Spiritual healing is really possible just with painting?


2016-04-06 11:41:55
Im sure all her paintings are amazing
she paints with emotions involved. all her brushstrokes must have some meaning to it. I saw most of her paintings also have qoutes and thought provoking sentences. good idea it is.


2016-04-06 11:43:11
Very nice artwork!


2016-04-06 11:43:43
Willliam -  yeas it is possible.you oughta have faith.


2016-04-06 11:44:09
Amazing paintings!


2016-04-06 11:44:50
I love the fact that a mother’s love can go so much beyond what we all can imagine. It is amazing how a mother will feel for her child for the rest of her life. Irrespective of the fact the child is special or not, every mother has the ability to love her child so much that we all cannot even begin to imagine.


2016-04-06 11:45:25
Very nice. Amazing job.


2016-04-06 11:45:50
Lovely paintings. I visited her page and there is so much more to her. Child like a butterfly is amazing. Mixed media art is rare. She uses all form of mixed media to do her artwork.


2016-04-06 11:46:14
How is everything going on? 


2016-04-06 11:46:53
Beautiful idea. I love the paintings it is beautiful.


2016-04-06 11:47:37
Paintings are good.


2016-04-06 11:48:05
I love the paintings that she makes. Saw her profile and it is so beautiful. Hope she puts up more fr us to see.


2016-04-06 11:48:48
Every person loves paintings. I like her usage of red colors everywhere.


2016-04-06 11:49:29
Thank you all for your beautiful words referencing my art. Yes, each stroke with my brush heals my inner soul.  I invite you to check out my site.  My book I wrote memorializing my son's life has been released and is available on my show .


2016-04-06 11:50:49
Thank you all for your beautiful expressions of my creations.  Yes... My son inspires me every day.  I wrote his memoir which is available in my show.  I opened my heart and soul in writing the story of how I learned the most valuable lesson of my life, loving Jason.  He taught me more than any college degree can.


2016-06-08 09:59:56
1000% Agree that every child is Very very Special!
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