A Gritting Mystery Novel On The US Economy

The US Economy and Its Destruction-Uncovered

Perhaps the two main taking points of the first decade of the century have been terrorism and recession. Al-Qaeda and other terror groups were talked about as much as the economic downturn of 2008. But did you ever think that the recession of 2008 that slowed down the entire world was masterminded by a terrorist organization? As bizarre as the idea may seem, Peter Glassman's fictional thriller can make it a reality. 

A Nonfiction Book That Keeps Readers Glued

'My Name is Kevin' follows a female detective who is assigned to track down an ATM robber wanted for murder. As she gets closer, she realizes that the robber attends the same A.A meetings as her. Her investigation takes her deep into the intricate ravines of terrorism even uncovering a plot of a terror organization to destroy the U.S economy and causing the great recession of 2008.

The book is a thought provoking piece that has been written by keeping the global changes in mind. It manages to keep readers glued with its turbulent plot that connects alcoholism, terrorism, Islamic terror groups, and deadly confrontations at Alcoholics anonymous meetings. It is a must-have book for fans of the thriller genre. Linking these two global phenomena was no doubt a challenge but Peter Glassman rises up with a truly realistic and thrilling story.

Nine things every nonfiction book writer should read carefully!

Peter Glassman’s creative writing keeps you on the edge of your seats. It has all the grit and mystery that a lover of thrillers would expect! This is one of those fiction books that is stuffed with nail biting drama and ends with an excellent finish.

If you are expecting a fantasy book out of it, you are sure going to love this one! It is what we can say as fantasy meets fiction meets mystery! It is a deadly combination that makes one’s mind frozen to the core!

Mystery novel of the doom of US economy

Mystery Novels with a difference

Glassman, man of medical thrillers has presented the SF Studio with this new creation recently. He connects each dot with the precision of a mastermind and that enables 'My name is Kevin' to attract global attraction to the SF Studio. The constant flow of novels every few months has kept audiences at ShowFlipper hooked onto his show on the website.

Glassman has written books like 'The Eye man', 'The Helios Rain', and 'Who Will Weep for Me'. His upcoming novel is titled 'The Happy Hat' and the storyline revolves around an FBI agent who is on the trail of a man in full body cast and is allegedly smuggling heroin worth half a million dollars inside the plaster. It shows promise and contains the drama and thrill that Glassman has always maintained in all of his creations.

Find the new age way to promote books

Peter Glassman grew up in Massachusetts and acquired an MD as well as a PhD in Medicine. He has dedicated 20 years in drug development in major pharmaceutical companies. He has keen interest in history and his novel 'Cotter', has a combination of historical facts of medicine and family life Post Civil War years. He spends most of his entire day writing, working with editors and promoting his e-books.

His experiences as a doctor served as inspiration for his novels. His career began when his wife told him to write about one of his navy patients who brought a bottle full of human eyes from Vietnam. This led to the creation Eye Man' another one of his enthralling books.

Glassman feels that there should always be a thread of truth behind every story line. This makes his best nonfiction books stand out and he has gained a number of loyal audiences for his show on SF Studio. The rules of writing that he follows are, "Only write what you know".

His philosophy of writing is simple. "I believe literature should be educational, fun, serious, full of feelings, and always with a touch of fantasy. We're all part dreamers." he says. Peter Glassman has written several novels, mostly thrillers that have bits and pieces of his medical background woven into each page. He keeps all his plots filled with thrilling excerpts that keeps readers hooked onto his books.

Some of the creative writings of Peter Glassman

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Perhaps the two main taking points of the first decade of the century have been terrorism and recession. Al-Qaeda and other terror groups were talked about as much as the economic downturn of 2...


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Comment(s) for A-Gritting-Mystery-Novel-On-The-US-Economy


2016-04-06 13:30:34
Amanda -  rightly said.. every plot is more believable if there is a thread f truth behind it..


2016-04-06 13:33:06
Good work... i love the idea of The Eyeman


2016-04-06 13:33:39
When is 'The Happy Hat' being put up on the show?


2016-04-06 13:34:09
Sounds like an interesting book!  I love plots that have multiple suspense sewn into it. 


2016-04-06 13:34:49
"Only write what you know".. thats a nice theory.. not many authors think this way.


2016-04-06 13:35:19
Alice Williams - Its more of a rule than theory.. theories are  only heard of..rules are followed.. I have Glassman's books in the past... this writer will go a long way...


2016-04-06 13:36:02
Have read my name is Kevin... loved the book.. 


2016-04-06 13:36:32
The book is about an ATM robber. i had witnessed at ATM robbery it was scary the robbery has a pistol and had held a woman hostage. no one could do anything or he would have shot her.. everyone just stood there not knowing what to do! NO ONE moved! at last he made her withdraw some amount from her account, took her bag and whatever little jewelry she wore. He ran away in a waiting car. The woman was traumatised  but safe.


2016-04-06 13:37:04
The man has dedicated 20 years in medical research and development and you guys are concerned with rules and theories.. its downright comical how so opinions are formed out of nothing.. he is a great writer..stop categorizing him for whatever he follows.. if you want to know more about his books,,then read them..as simple as that..


2016-04-07 04:15:20
I love the plot. It is thrilling an also has a very good storyline.


2016-04-07 04:15:46
Happy hat sounds like such an amazing plot. It is so different.. who would have thought of that story.


2016-04-07 04:16:09
Very nice story. Waiting for more.


2016-04-07 04:19:08
Peter Glassman – tell us more about the eyeman. Is it about the same story u refered to about a man who bought a bottle full of human eyes from Vietnam? It sounds pretty amazing.


2016-04-07 04:19:36
“I believe literature should be educational, fun...


2016-04-07 04:19:58
A Brilliant piece of work.


2016-04-07 04:20:23
Interesting topic. I love the idea of Glassman.


2016-04-07 04:20:48
Do you guys know any good suspense/thriller/mystery novels that are clean? 


2016-04-07 04:21:11
It’s a thriller book.


2016-04-07 04:21:35
Good work, keep it up and keep more coming..


2016-04-07 04:22:02
The book being an enthralling read about Islamic terror attacks.


2016-04-07 04:22:37
good book it is


2016-04-07 04:23:17
I wrote MY NAME IS KEVIN to show that we don't have to be at physical war to be attacked. Our banks will suffice to inject fear and terror as they fail under Al Qaeda infiltration.


2016-04-07 04:23:49
The Happy Hat should be available on the show either today (4/16) or tomorrow (4/17).
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