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Life in an art work!

An Unexpected Art Work Career

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon once said. The statement is a perfect summation of Emma Swailes' career in design. Having aspired to become a furniture designer, Swailes' career took an unexpected turn when she dropped out and instinctively became an ace jewelry designer instead.

An artist's true calling usually comes when they least expect it and the best reward for a true artist is the feeling of creating something that is unique and memorable.

And hence began a career in jewelry design where her speciality is making custom jewelry for people. She now has her own show at ShowFlipper.

She says, "As a youngster, I had a fascination with creating things; it was the only thing I truly understood. The academic teachings of school baffled me, however to design & create a physical piece made complete sense and as an adult this continues to be the case."

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Custom Jewelry on ShowFlipper

Jewelry can go way beyond just being ornaments being donned for fashion. A piece of Jewelry often represents a memory, an incident, or a lesson for the person who possesses it. Her art work always manages to be more than just ornaments that are worn occasionally. They become signature pieces. All her creations on SF Studio prove the distinct work that she does with each piece she works upon.

Emma Swailes' specialization lies in hand fabricating and handmade jewelry. The beauty of hand fabricated pieces is that despite being similar, no two pieces are identical. This makes each piece of jewelry beautifully unique and different from the other. For an artist who strives to create something that leaves an impact, Emma has come a long way. She designs custom jewelry pieces like earrings and neck pieces; her special ones being the tiny brollies, that she is famous for.

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Her signature works such as the brolly often revolve around British culture and she has been praised for maintaining a certain British-ness with her art work. Her jewelry for sale, that she makes personally; often by sawing sheet metal or soldering, is the perfect way to commemorate an exceptional event in your life. You can buy jewelry online made by her on her show at ShowFlipper. She says, "If you can dream it, I can create it!"

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"Life can be serious, and there is loads of serious jewelry out there, so I try and keep it light hearted. My general rule is, if it doesn't make me smile at the bench peg, it doesn't get made." says Swailes, who believes that each piece she designs is unique and different from the other. Buy jewelry online and browse through Emma's work.

Buy Jewelry Online on ShowFlipper

Creating Memories and Not Just Jewelry

Designing pieces that have an emotional value attached to it is a touching experience altogether and for an artist, it is an honour to create something that marks an impact on someone's life. When there is a memory attached to a piece of metal, it cannot be called just an ornament.

"One of my favourite custom pieces was a miniature bookcase for the mother of a customer. It was made for her 70th birthday. The bookcase had small items in it that represented her hobbies and interests; Sudoku, books, and a ruby set in a glass shape setting to represent a glass of Campari, her favourite tipple." says Emma who takes pride in creating pieces that are specially designed for a customer.

The most memorable piece of design for Emma was the one she designed for a cancer patient who had battled cancer successfully. Swailes had designed a custom-made necklace for a customer who wanted to celebrate five years free from breast cancer. Each cuddy bead on the necklace represented each year that she successfully battled the disease. It was a priceless moment for Emma to watch the lady who was overjoyed and tearful at the outcome. What more could an artist want? Imagine the joy of being to deliver something that has the capacity to touch someone's life so deeply.

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An Unexpected Art Work Career "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon once said. The statement is a perfect summation of Emma Swailes' career in design. Having as...


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Comment(s) for Creative-Minds-and-Custom-Jewelry


2016-04-06 13:03:49
Silver jewelry that is hand fabricated??? how does she manage to do that? umberella designs look chic


2016-04-06 13:05:16
 I like 3D jewelry. i wear them all the time. i m not very much into flat designs.. what makes her work stands out is the polished finish that each piece has.. maybe celestial designs will go very well with what she does.. amazing work.


2016-04-06 13:05:39
custom made jewelry are the best. thy symbolize so much more..they have story behind...i had my wedding ring carved with my silver engagement ring too..its not just a jewelry.. it s symbol of memory... it means so much to me! 


2016-04-06 13:06:02
saw some designs of emma... they are simple and classy.. waiting for more designs to come up..


2016-04-06 13:06:27
Simple and classy looking jewelry. intricate patterns...


2016-04-06 13:07:13
Jewelry designing is not that easy. its not  the same as designing a garment. Working with metal requires good skills and attention to detail. Her 3D pieces must be so difficult to create. i was very touched when i read how she designed custom pieces for people and it meant a lot to them. She knows that a jewelry is not just a piece of decorated metal.


2016-04-06 13:07:35
i like the collection


2016-04-06 13:07:59
unqiue art pieces


2016-04-06 13:08:41
Jewelry is the most underated forms of art. People don’t really accept that jewelry designing is also a form of art and takes a lot of creativity and time and patience. There is also a lot of research work required to create art works that look like  it has a deep hidden meaning attached to it.


2016-04-06 13:09:10
Jewelry designs are really amazing  they look different on every wearer depending on the way they carry it.


2016-04-06 13:09:30
She was studying to be furniture designer but later became jewelry designer. Such a twist of fate. Really profound story.


2016-04-06 13:09:54
Comment on above is right. People need to know that designing jewelry is also an art. Full points to that.


2016-04-06 13:10:36
From furniture to jewelry! What a twist in fate!


2016-04-06 13:11:29
Making jewelry is no child’s play. All people love jewelry but very few understand that they have more than money value attached to it. They have their own significance.


2016-04-06 13:11:54
Very nice work. I like it when people follow their dreams no matter what.


2016-04-06 13:12:22
“Amazingly high standard of designs�


2016-04-06 13:12:44
Consistently high quality of work.


2016-04-06 13:13:07
Great summary of what life is all about and how to live it.


2016-04-06 13:13:30
A very beautiful article!


2016-04-06 13:13:50
This article has definitely helped me. I believe that we create our reality, we create our own happiness.


2016-04-06 13:14:15
Life often does get in the way of our plans, doesn’t it?


2016-04-06 13:14:37
No one will do anything worthwhile if they don't first believe. 


2016-04-06 13:15:13
You can never second guess life, I was so sure I would make it in the world of wood craft. I was utterly de restated when I failed my 1st degree. I would like to thank you all for your amazing comments. I apologise it\'s taken me a while to respond as I could not find the article. Emma
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